Let's get New Zealand trending

Apr 29, 2012

By: Joshua Woodham

This week, starting 30th April 2012, I have been given the opportunity to take control of the @NewZealand Twitter profile for one week.

I was asked by the curators to take control of the account for a week and tweet about anything to do with New Zealand.

''Inspired by the @Sweden project the idea is that each week a fresh voice from Kiwiland will take the helm of the @NewZealand Twitter account and, for seven days, broadcast stories, ideas, impressions and information that is somehow related to New Zealand. @NewZealand is based on the idea that a single voice cannot represent a country or its people.''

Currently the account has around 1700 followers and I plan to give it a really big push.

Being from Hawke's Bay I'm going to be a little bias, so you will see a lot of Tweets about our wondefull region. 

If you have anything at all that you think is newsworthy, contact me here

Join in the conversation by following @newzealand on Twitter and Retweet this first Tweet. Let's get #newzealand trending.

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