As a start-up business, Admin Army were bootstrapping everything and built their own website to keep costs down. It was soon apparent that the bounce rate on Admin Army’s website was really high. For every 10 people visiting the site, 8 users were dropping off before reading more, learning about their service offering or getting in touch regarding their services. Irene at Admin Army engaged SocialKiwi to upgrade her website with one of the main aims being resolving this issue. SocialKiwi designed and developed a new website for Admin Army and the results have been fantastic. Bounce rates are down by over 60% and Admin Army now have a website that can scale as the business grows.

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Irene Bennetts

Client Testimonial

 “As a start-up business, I was bootstrapping everything and built my own website on the Squarespace platform to keep costs down. However, I soon discovered that I had an issue with the bounce rate on my website being too high. I engaged SocialKiwi to upgrade my website to resolve this issue and they recommended the WordPress platform as it will offer more scalability options as my business grows. Jodi’s expert knowledge means she really understands how users move through websites and best practice to encourage user retention and conversion. My new website has only been live a couple of days and I’ve already seen a significant reduction in my bounce rate. My website is now more professional and has been built with strong SEO in mind. I highly recommend working with the SocialKiwi team on your next website project – they make it easy and deliver great results!”

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