Whether you’re dipping a toe into the world of natural living, or you’re already converted: Archeus is a delight to the senses. Founded on the principle that it should be possible to harness nature while giving back to it.

The creators at Archeus have focused their positive energy into creating the most beautiful products, delivering on function as well as design. All 100% natural and guaranteed to make you feel the positive impact of being a bit more in harmony with the world around you.

View website at www.sherylalexandercelebrant.co.nz

Georgina Langdale

Client Testimonial

“My company Archeus launched at the end of 2013. My initial Shopify site was lovely and served me well, but over time Archeus had evolved and by the middle of 2017 it was no longer simply a business that prided itself on its artisan approach of working with nature and traditional wisdom to handcraft natural and organic skincare products, but we were also working with medicinal plants to create textiles and bedlinen; and in addition, I had started running workshops and they had taken off.
So I needed a website that was more able to tell the story of Archeus, celebrate nature and enable me to harness the power of images and (down the track) video and other tools to effectively tell the story of what we do. It needed to be visually compelling and create space for story-telling while still working as a superb e-commerce site.
Jodi at SocialKiwi did a fantastic job of taking my ideas and thoughts and making them happen. I love the way the site lets me tell stories about everything from our products to the conservation work we do. I have had many comments on how striking the new website is. I feel that Jodi has created a structure that will continue to grow with the business. I am delighted and she and the rest of the team at Social Kiwi were a dream to work with.”

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