Chris and Janelle love what coffee means to so many people – to sit down and catch up with friends, something to look forward to in your day, a special cup of coffee prepared especially for you.The past owners of Bay Espresso had started a fledgling coffee roasting business and this is when Chris & Janelle saw a real gap in the market to roast and serve honest organic and ethically traded coffee – coffee that tasted good and felt good.

The world of growing and trading coffee can be very unfair. Bay Espresso think that no matter how large or small their influence can be on the coffee market, if they choose to do the right thing and source the fairest coffee grown with the least environmental impact, then why not?


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Chris, Bay Espresso

Client Testimonial

“The roasting aspect of our business had always been in the background to our café businesses. The cafes were the face and the roastery made the magic. With the sale of the cafe’s to staff I wanted to bring the roastery forward and build on its “little brother” brand. We had a “shop front” on our original Bay Espresso website however this was now 12 years old, not very sexy, hard to keep updated and didn’t provide us with some of the new promotional tools online. Financially it ticked along but was very passive.

I went to a social media presentation held by SocialKiwi and felt there was no pretence about Jodi and Jonno. They are passionate about social media and getting it to actively work for businesses. Not just set up an online presence and walk away. They are nice people to deal with. If you pose a question you get a straight answer. They have a very good understanding of what makes social media tick. They showed me that even if you don’t live and breath social media personally you could add value to your company and brand through consistent simple tasks.

Our project started after meetings to determine our needs and I bored them with that detail. We received a project plan, costing’s and timetable and throughout the whole process I was kept fully updated. During the whole process we were kept updated and our site went live as per the plan. We launched the new site with a free shipping Email Marketing promotion to our repeat customers and sales increased 85%. Really they did! Now I don’t expect this to happen each month but now I have the flexibility to try new ideas. ”

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