A small creative business located in the heart of sunny Napier, Hawkes Bay, Colourwood’s works bring together a palette of modern colour and the beauty of traditional wood. The result is furniture which is restored and repurposed, ready to become a focal point for any room.

In an ever-changing palette of shapes and colours, every item in the Colourwood range is lovingly created by hand, allowing you to enjoy the harmony and balance in each piece of art.

Take in the pleasure of choosing something that gives you the freedom to create your own personal arrangement, with the knowledge it will always be uniquely yours.

View website at www.colourwood.co.nz


Grant McLellan, Colourwood

Client Testimonial

“Social Kiwi was recommended to me by a large local internet provider as a young company with fresh ideas and up to the minute data knowledge and skills.
That is exactly what I got.

The minute I walked into their office I knew I was onto something good. Funky setting, warm and friendly welcome, and the offer of coffee to boot.

The Social Kiwi team listened to my ideas and thoughts and we formed a working relationship to achieve the result we have today, all to an agreed budget and tight time frame.

I am extremely happy with the work that Social Kiwi has done for me and I have had nothing but positive comments from friends and colleagues that have viewed the site.

Thanks Social Kiwi!”

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