Professional copywriting and photography now included in all SocialKiwi website offerings.

Investing in a new professional website should be an exciting venture. The opportunity for a business to broadcast its message and value proposition on the world wide web. This excitement though, can quickly turn into a nightmare when you, the customer, are asked to provide content for your online presence.

Imagine paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a professionally designed website and then being asked to take photos and write copy for said website yourself? Finding the time these days to run your own business provides enough challenges on its own. Can you imagine trying to find the time to write content and take your own photographs?

Professional services are a MUST when building your online presence. Photographers and copywriters have the training, skills and knowledge to ensure your website images and content stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, photos need to be of a good quality and your content needs to be well researched to ensure that your website performs well from day one and can be found easily on all the major search engines. Relevant research needs to be undertaken to ensure you have the correct keywords in your website copy to facilitate the website’s performance online.

With recent partnerships we are excited to announce that all SocialKiwi website offerings will include copywriting and photography as part of your tailor made package. Contact us today and let us help you reach your full potential online.

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