Jodi Henning

I am passionate about all things web and absolutely love design. I am one of those lucky few who get to do what they love as a job everyday!

Since earning my Advanced Diploma in Multimedia Design & Production, I have managed to clock up over 10 years of experience in this space. I have worked with many different types of customers in this time, from the aspiring entrepreneur to multinational corporations, as well as various sized agencies in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

In my last role as the Senior Front End Developer for Yahoo NZ I was very fortunate to take the lead on major campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands including the likes of Sony, Cadbury’s, Nestle, Red Bull and Corona, to name a few.

When not working I am Mum to two busy children whom I love spending time with. If not baking, or doing arts and crafts, you will find us out and about taking in the splendour that is Hawkes Bay or in the Crossfit gym!

Victoria Stewart

I didn’t start my career with a plan to get into marketing. I was lucky enough to begin my working life at British Airways in their graduate programme. After a couple of years working in IT I was introduced to the art of marketing and branding in a large corporation. Of course I was hooked.

Over 15 years later I’m still fascinated by branding and working out what drives customers to choose a product or service. I love to problem solve and enjoy applying my background in brand and marketing management roles to finding strategic opportunities in a digital environment.

After having children I returned to the workforce as a copywriter. Writing has allowed me to work from home and manage my schedule around my children. I’m still doing that today, based in sunny Gisborne, and l absolutely love what I do. Words and language fascinate me. I love helping businesses express themselves in a way that represents their brand.

When not working I’m usually being bossed around by the little people of my household. I’m probably the least active member of the SocialKiwi team but I cast aside my natural aversion to exercise and sometimes even break a sweat when I walk the dog every day. I’m a passionate reader and gardener and love it when I get a moment to stop and appreciate the world around me.

Dave Thomas

It’s taken nine years of living in Hawke’s Bay, but finally Dave has joined the team at Social Kiwi. Originally from Zambia, he has also lived in Zimbabwe, South Africa and London.

He’s always loved design and started out creating exhibition stands. While in London began designing magazine ad’s, brochures and other print materials before gradually transitioning to building websites in the late 90s.

Shortly after arriving in New Zealand, Dave married the lovely Hazel and they now live happily in Havelock North with two labradors and a small flock of sheep.

He’s an avid photographer and when he’s not out exploring in his dirty old 4x4, you’ll find him doing a bit of pencil drawing.