New Zealand’s horticulture and viticulture industries have traditionally struggled to find suitable workers to meet rising labour demands. Pick Hawke’s Bay’s job is to reduce the difficulties that come with sourcing seasonal labour.

Pick Hawkes Bay employ workers from the Pacific Islands through Immigration New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme (RSE). Since 2009, they have built fruitful relationships with people from Vanuatu, Samoa, the Solomon Islands, and more recently, Fiji and Nauru, in an effort to provide members with a hard-working, reliable labour force.

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Rina, Pick HB

Client Testimonial

“Our search for a business to build our website started nationally, before we narrowed it down to a local company. We knew that we wanted to deal with a person, rather than communicating with a faceless name who we will never meet and who will never get a real feel for us or our business.

We wanted something very basic, straightforward, and user friendly, without all the flashy features that send you on a wild online goose chase. We already knew what we wanted, but we needed a skilled professional to listen to our ideas and create our vision.

We had a short list of three companies and SocialKiwi was the first one we called. I spoke to Jono and I knew within the first 30 seconds of our conversation that we would go with SocialKiwi. He had great enthusiasm, energy, and he was genuinely interested in what we were about and what we wanted. After meeting with both Jono and Jodi, they instantly understood all facets of Pick Hawke’s Bay.

The project rolled out with a clear timeframe, outlining each process to develop the website, including a quote without any hidden costs. The communication was transparent and open. The quality of work was of a high standard, including the photography work from Sarah Horn. What really stood out for us was working with Jodi who was a delight.

Jodi was efficient and extremely helpful when it came to making changes to the project. She took on board our reasons for the changes with respect and delivered great results.
We are very proud with our website and the feedback has been positive.

Thank you SocialKiwi!!”

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