In this blog 1 of 3 part series we will cover: On-Page SEO Factors and Quality of Website Content

There are 3 key questions to ask yourself when it comes to your website copy and content:

1. Has all copy been well researched and written?

Good quality copy is of the utmost importance to the success of your website. Good copy should include a number of keywords and phrases that potential customers use as part of their search terms when they are looking for products or services similar to yours. There a some great tools available to help research the most popular keywords and phrases used by prospects when searching through search engines like Google, including the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

2. Are pages engaging and is the content Relevant?

To ensure you capture your target markets attention you need to ensure your content is fresh and that the topics are relevant. Engagement is key so you need to ensure you are asking the right questions, raising relevant concerns and providing useful feedback and information to provide value. Does your content provide direct answers or solutions from search results? Ensuring your content contains substance is crucial to the success of your company’s online presence.

3. Have you found the right balance of Text and Imagery

Nothing is more off putting than when you hit a website and are confronted with endless text, text and more text. Whilst great copy is vitally important to your success and to SEO, online users do not want to be confronted by endless streams of words.

Images and video can tell a story about your business, products/services and even your customer success stories in a more targeted, powerful and engaging way. Images and video, when used in conjunction with great copy can deliver you better results.

In summary

There are many instances of Web Agencies having customers write their own content. Writing content should not be left to you alone when hiring a developer to build your website. If not included in your quote it should, at least, be a joint effort taking Search Engines preferences into account to ensure you gain optimal return on the investment in your online presence.

Another point to note is that your business is fluid and as such your online presence should be as well, be sure to keep your website updated and keep engaging with your customers and prospects.

Your website is a representation of you and your business online. You get approximately 7 – 8 seconds to make a great first impression in the online space. Having a website with well researched copy including frequently searched keywords/phrases, engaging content and the right balance of text and imagery is one of the keys to being found, as well as finding success online.

What do you think?